Great tips on how to build a garden shed with a pent roof yourself

Great tips on how to build a garden shed with a pent roof yourself

Which slope is recommended?

With a monopitch roof you have many options for roofing. Are suitable:

  • Roofing felt
  • Bitumen shingles
  • a metal cover
  • Brick.

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The angle of inclination the roof should have depends on the planned roofing. It should be at least five and no more than fifteen centimeters so that rainwater can run off properly.

The alignment

If it is a pure tool shed, the roof surface should preferably face west. In almost all regions of Germany this is the weather side; the building is better protected from the weather.

If, on the other hand, you would like to use the self-built garden house with a pent roof as a second living room, an orientation to the north is cheaper. If you also bring large windows in the front, you will get a light-flooded room that almost conveys the atmosphere of a winter garden.

The blueprint

Various websites offer free configurators to help you plan your garden house with a pent roof. You can then use the construction plan to calculate the material requirements and the costs for the arbor.

The building instructions

  • Create a substructure made of concrete slabs or concrete.
  • After it has dried out, the floor structure is installed.
  • Now erect the side walls based on your planning.
  • For the monopitch roof, take the dimensions from the construction plan and saw all parts accordingly.
  • After the purlins have been attached and reinforced with headbands, you can put on the rafters and screw them together.
  • Additional roof battens give the roofing stability.
  • If not already done, glaze or varnish all wooden surfaces.
  • Finally, put on the roofing of your choice.


There is an abundance of ready-made construction plans for garden houses with pent roofs on the Internet that can serve as inspiration. In most cases, detailed instructions are also included here. This is perfect if you don't feel comfortable planning on your own.