Harvesting pears - when are pears ready for harvest?

Harvesting pears - when are pears ready for harvest?

Harvest pears from July to winter

Summer pears are the first pears you can pick. The first fruits from very early pears can be harvested as early as July. Autumn and winter pears are ripe later. Their harvest season begins in October and sometimes doesn't end until January.

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When are the pears ready for harvest?

You can tell when a pear is ripe when it has reached the usual color for the variety. Some pears are completely green when ready for harvest, others have dark red spots. Ripe pears can also be recognized by their scent.

To test, lift a pear slightly and twist it gently. If it comes off easily, the harvest time has come. If it breaks off at the base of the stem, you should give your pears some time in the sun.

This is how you can tell when pears are ready for harvest:

  • Color of the pear
  • Size of the fruit
  • Aroma of the pear
  • Rotation test on the tree

Harvest in stages

Not all pears on a tree ripen at the same time. Often times you have to harvest them in stages. Pears that have received a lot of sun are more ripe than those that have grown in the shade of the foliage. The location of the pear tree also plays a role.

Store pears properly

Table pears need to be consumed fairly quickly. This is especially true for early varieties. They do not tolerate longer storage times.

Pears that are to be stored for a long time must be picked with particular care. Under no circumstances should they have pressure points because they rot quickly in these areas.

Pick storage pears a few days before they are fully ripe. They then ripen a little at a cool storage temperature.

Tips & Tricks

Pear trees can reach a considerable size. To harvest pears from tall trees, you need a sturdy ladder. Fruit pickers are also helpful. These are small nets that are attached to long poles and have a jagged edge at the top. You can use it to gently detach pears that are growing high up.