Growing strawberries from seeds - how to do it

Growing strawberries from seeds - how to do it

Harvesting strawberry seeds made easy

Strawberries are a nut, specifically a group of nuts. Thus, the seeds with their hard shell are located directly on the outer skin of the juicy, red flower base. This starting position facilitates the seed harvest, as the following sequence shows:

  • Halve a completely colored strawberry
  • Place on newspaper to dry with the cut side down
  • collect the seeds from the dried strawberry

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If there are still nuts on the outer shell, they are scraped off with the blunt side of the kitchen knife. Until the date for sowing, keep the seeds in a dark, dry container.

This is how strawberry seeds can be sown

The ideal time window for sowing extends from mid-February to early March. At an earlier point in time, the seedlings tend to ginger due to the lack of light. A later sowing results in a postponement of the first harvest time to the next year. You sow the seeds like this:

  • Pre-soak seeds in water for 4-6 hours
  • Fill the seed tray with lean potting soil
  • Scatter the seeds, press them down and sieve a maximum of 3 mm high
  • spray with collected rainwater
  • cover with a cling film or a pane of glass

Place the seed pot in a light, but not full sun. The ideal germination temperature is 16-18 degrees Celsius. Under optimal conditions, germination begins within 2-6 weeks, depending on the strawberry variety chosen. Prick the seedlings from a height of approx. 2 centimeters into lightly fertilized substrate. From a height of 4-5 centimeters, plant the pupils in the bed or in the flower box.

Tips & Tricks

You can significantly improve the chances of success for growing strawberries from seeds with a seed helper. Vermiculite has proven to be an excellent seed aid. The natural silicate is germ-free, stores plenty of water and protects the seeds from sunburn. The germinating seed is not affected by the small platelets.