Getting the amaryllis to bloom again - this strategy works

Getting the amaryllis to bloom again - this strategy works

Cut faded amaryllis in stages - how it works

With a careful pruning according to the salami tactic, you direct the onion flower towards another blossom early on. How to properly cut your knight star after flowering:

  • Cut off each individual flower from the main stem as soon as it has withered
  • Remove the flower stem just above the bulb when it's yellowed
  • Don't cut the green leaves

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If you cut dead flowers in good time, a knight star does not invest any energy in the growth of fruits. This energy is therefore available for a flower revival next winter.

Continue the maintenance program non-stop

The growth phase that immediately follows the flowering period is characteristic of the vegetation cycle of an amaryllis. As the summer progresses, a new bud forms inside the bulb. You should therefore continue the care seamlessly on a faded knight star. How to do it right:

  • Continue to water the leafy plant after pruning at the previous location
  • Treat yourself to a liquid fertilizer every 14 days until July
  • From mid-May, wear the Hippeastrum on the sunny balcony

So that the decorative leaves do not suffer from sunburn, we recommend hardening the amaryllis in the partially shaded location for the first 8 to 10 days.

Flower leave in autumn promotes the willingness to flower

The ingenious care strategy with the aim of renewed flowering is rounded off by a dormant autumn vegetation. This process has proven itself in practice:

  • Water less from July until the Ritterstern is dry in August
  • Do not fertilize any more from the beginning of August
  • In September put the plant in a cool, dark room

Until November the amaryllis remains without light at temperatures between 5 and 9 degrees Celsius. Repot the knight star 6 to 8 weeks before the desired flowering time in fresh substrate and place the pot in a bright, warm window seat.


While you are trying to get an amaryllis to bloom again, the bulb has a little present in store for you. Small bulbs with their own leaves grow to the side of the tuber. Put in their own pot, the daughter onions transform into a splendid knight's star within 1 to 2 years.