How to cut your winter snowball!

How to cut your winter snowball!

After flowering is the optimal time

The winter snowball should be cut shortly after it has faded. Depending on when it blooms, this can be the case as early as November. Make sure, however, that you catch a frost-free day for cutting. In some varieties and in cooler regions, the scented snowball does not bloom until between February and March.

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If you cut too late, you will remove the flower buds

Cut it right after the flowering period! If you cut too late, for example in October, remove the flower buds when you cut and the next flower will either fall completely into the water or be sparse.

Tolerates cutting excellently

Overall, the scented snowball is considered to be easy to cut. It can easily be lighted regularly - preferably a little every year.

  • Remove old shoots, new shoots can grow back
  • it is better not to cut any shorter, otherwise broom growth will result
  • Cut away old, sick, crossing, damaged and frozen shoots
  • Cut off shoots at the base

Whether you can stand the pruning of this plant is another matter. The winter snowball is poisonous in all parts of the plant. Its bark and leaves, in particular, which one often comes into contact with when cutting, contain a lot of toxins.

Cutting to gain cuttings and cuttings

If you thinning out the winter snowball in summer, you can then use single and straight, cut shoots as cuttings. They should be between 10 and 20 cm in length. You can also use clippings to propagate this ornamental plant in winter.


Actually, there is no need to cut the winter snowball every year or at all. It has a naturally harmonious shape. But if necessary, it can also tolerate a stronger pruning.