Planting the Parrot Plant: How To Do It Right?

Planting the Parrot Plant: How To Do It Right?

Should the location be sunny or partially shaded?

This plant, which originally comes from North America, prefers to grow in a sunny location. There it develops the most beautiful flowers. But it can also find a place in partial shade. Among other things, it is suitable for flower beds as well as for growing tubs on balconies and terraces.

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Which substrate does this plant like?

The hardy parrot plant does not place high demands on the substrate. However, she feels best at home in a soil that has the following properties:

  • permeable to well permeable
  • weakly acidic to neutral pH
  • moderately nutritious
  • rather dry than damp

When does the parrot plant bloom?

This exotic looking plant blooms in midsummer. This is usually the case between July and August. Shortly afterwards, the unusually parrot-like fruits appear, which are often used as decorative elements.

What plant spacing is necessary?

When you plant the parrot plant out, you should keep a minimum distance of 60 cm between it and other plants or several specimens of this species. A planting distance of 1 m is better.

How can you multiply this plant?

Various methods can be used for propagation. This plant can be propagated with seeds, by cuttings and also by division. The seeds are blown by the wind in autumn and germinate in spring. They can also be sown in a targeted manner. The propagation of cuttings is the same as with other shrub plants. For the division, the rhizome is dug up and divided in spring or autumn.

But this plant also likes to reproduce on its own. It has an underground rhizome from which several shoots can emerge on the surface over time. If you don't do anything about it, you will soon have a whole 'forest' of parrot plants that only need appropriate care in order to thrive.


If you don't want the poisonous parrot plant to spread unhindered, you should put it in the ground in the open ground with a root barrier.