Grow kiwi in your own garden

Grow kiwi in your own garden

The kiwi bush grows up to 10 meters high, feels comfortable in a sunny, sheltered location, but also tolerates light frosts. It has large, hairy leaves and yellowish white flowers, which later develop into oval, brown, hairy fruits. For the successful cultivation in local latitudes you should consider the following essential points:

  • choose the variety that is sufficiently frost-resistant for your region,
  • plant the shrub in a south or south-west position,
  • give the shrub the necessary support with a stable climbing aid.

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The bought kiwi plant

A large selection of kiwi varieties can be found in specialist shops. Depending on the age of the purchased plant, you can expect the first fruits around the third year of standing. Provided that you have planted at least one female and one male kiwi.

The monoecious varieties that do not require a pollinator are also available. The easy-care mini kiwis, which bear smaller fruits, are more robust and productive than their larger relatives, are also popular. The skin of the small fruits is smooth and can be eaten.

The self-grown kiwi plant

If you are not afraid of the effort, you can grow your kiwi bush yourself from seeds or cuttings or offshoots. The cuttings are cut in the spring before budding; the offshoots are pulled during the growing season, preferably in spring or summer.

The seeds of a commercial kiwi fruit can be sown under house conditions without any problems. The only thing to note is that the seeds are light germs. Constant warmth and humidity, possibly using an indoor greenhouse, ensure that the seeds germinate after about 2 weeks.

Tips & Tricks

It could take up to ten years for the self-grown kiwi plants to be harvested for the first time. So if you are in a bit of a hurry with the fruits, you are better off with the young plants from the garden center.

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