Dry garlic - simple formula for long shelf life

Dry garlic - simple formula for long shelf life

Air-dry preserves the aroma

Air-drying is probably the easiest and cheapest method of storing garlic after harvesting. In addition, in this case the coveted aroma is not lost. The top priority for success: The garlic has to 'breathe'.

  • Wash fresh garlic bulbs carefully
  • hang on the stems at room temperature
  • alternatively dry in a decorative wire basket
  • Store in a paper bag in a dark, airy place

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Under no circumstances should garlic be stored in the refrigerator. The fresh toes get damp, soften and putrefaction sets in. The lovingly grown garlic is spoiled within a few days.

Dry quickly in the dehydrator

If air drying takes too long, the dehydrator is the faster option. Equipped with an electric heater and a fan, garlic dries within a short time, surrounded by air.

  • peel the washed garlic
  • Cut into slices with a sharp knife
  • lay out on the sieve bottoms
  • the heated air flows out and starts the conservation process

Depending on the thickness of the garlic slices, the process takes a few hours. Do not leave the device unattended during this time. Ideally, a timer also controls the process.

The oven replaces the dehydrator

To dry garlic only, investing in a dehydrator is usually not worthwhile. A practical alternative is the heat of the oven to remove moisture from the onions.

Instead of cutting into slices, the tubers are cut in half after washing and peeling. Spread them out on the oven tray, dry them at 70 degrees top and bottom heat for 4 hours.

If the halves are not yet crisp, reduce the heat to 65 degrees Celsius. The garlic is dried when it feels slightly brittle.

Tips & Tricks

Dried garlic is easily transformed into finely dosed garlic salt for gourmet cuisine. Grind the garlic slices in the food processor as finely as possible. Then add 4 parts iodine or sea salt to one part of garlic powder. You can store your hand-made garlic salt in a screw-top jar in the cool, dark pantry.

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