Plant strawberries correctly in the raised bed

Plant strawberries correctly in the raised bed

Layer by layer to the perfect potting soil

One of the special attributes of a raised bed is its flexibility in the composition of the filling. While the possibilities for improving the soil are limited in the flat bed, the soil in the raised bed is specifically composed to the requirements of heavily consuming strawberry plants. Experienced raised bed gardeners advocate this layering:

  • First layer: drainage made of inorganic materials such as potsherds or gravel, thinly covered with topsoil
  • Second layer: cuttings from hedges and trees, such as branches, twigs or small pieces of roots, mixed with soil
  • Third layer: leaves and green cuttings with garden soil
  • Fourth layer: Mixture of compost, topsoil, sand, vegetable soil and rotted manure

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The raised bed should be filled at least four weeks before the planting date so that the materials can set.

Planting the raised bed with strawberries

On the chosen planting date in July / August or March / April, the soil in the raised bed is loosened again thoroughly. How to plant the strawberries correctly:

  • Put the root ball in water or diluted horsetail broth for an hour
  • Dig a planting hole with 1.5 times the volume of the root ball
  • Insert the strawberry plant so deep that the heart bud is just above the surface of the earth
  • Position bare-root young plants vertically without kinking the roots
  • Plenty of watering and mulching with bark mulch, pine needles or straw

The perfect planting distance depends on the variety. Weak-growing strawberries are content with a distance of 20 centimeters, while strong-growing plants should keep a distance of 30 centimeters. In a mixed culture, an even greater distance is recommended if shadows are cast by the neighbors. A row spacing of 40 to 60 centimeters has proven itself.

Tips & Tricks

Very few hobby gardeners create a raised bed exclusively for growing strawberries. Since the plants get along excellently with a large number of neighbors, nothing speaks against a balanced mixed culture. We recommend lettuce, leek, spinach, parsley and onions. Tagetes, marigolds and lilies of the valley offer something for the eye.