Which is better: freeze or dry lovage?

Which is better: freeze or dry lovage?

Freezing lovage: this is not advisable

It's quick and easy. Simply harvest the lovage, put it in a bag and put it in the freezer. But freezing lovage has two major disadvantages. For one, the herb loses its aroma. On the other hand, when thawing it becomes mushy and looks unappetizing.

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If you still want to freeze lovage, you should choose this method: Chop the Maggi herb tiny and put it in an ice cube container along with olive oil and water. After the whole thing has set in the freezer, the ice cube can simply be added to the soup, for example.

The better method: drying the lovage

Much better than freezing it is drying lovage to make it durable. But some things can be done wrong.

This should always be observed when drying:

  • Roots, seeds, stems and leaves can be dried
  • The drying process should not take longer than 5 days
  • Variants: in the dehydrator, in the oven, on the heater or in the air e.g. B. in the shade on the balcony
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight when drying
  • choose a dark and air-dry place when air-drying

Before drying, the lovage is bundled or roughly cut. It can be hung up or left to dry on a sheet or other object. If devices such as a dehydrator or oven are used to help, the temperature should ideally be below 50 ° C. Once dry, the herb should not be ground into powder, as this will quickly oxidize it.

Tips & Tricks

If drying and freezing are too boring for you, you can alternatively soak the Maggi herb in vinegar or oil, or use it to make lovage salt.

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