Hanging geraniums - the most beautiful varieties

Hanging geraniums - the most beautiful varieties

Lush flower cascade

Pelargonium peltatum is the botanical name of the hanging geranium. They differ from other types of geraniums primarily in the length of their shoots - Tyrolean hanging geraniums can be up to 150 meters long - as well as the glossy, ivy-like leaves. Hanging geraniums come in numerous different shades: red, pink, purple and white are often represented in very different shades, although there are also many two-tone varieties. In addition, the flowers can be double, semi-double and simply structured.

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Specialty? Tyrolean hanging geraniums

Perhaps you also know these pictures or you are often out and about in Tyrol or some areas of Bavaria: The walls of some houses are no longer visible because of the lush, waterfall-like cascade of flowering hanging geraniums. Before you wonder and ask yourself why your balcony doesn't look like this: In fact, these are special varieties that, outside of Tyrol, do not grow differently than normal hanging geraniums. Tyrolean farmers often plant their geraniums on several levels, which gives the impression of particularly long geranium shoots, but is basically just a trick.

The most beautiful varieties of hanging geraniums

The following table gives you an overview of some of the most beautiful hanging geranium varieties.

varietyFlower colorparticularitiesTendril lengthPlant spacing
Black Nightvery dark purple-redunusual flower colorup to 70 cm20-30 cm
White-Burgundytwo-tone white-violetdo not need to be cleanedup to 70 cm20-30 cm
Royal Nightvery dark redrosebud flowersup to 70 cm20-30 cm
White Glaciersnow-white with red markingsvery willing to growup to 70 cm20-30 cm
Burgundyburgundy redself-cleaning60-80 cm20 cm
Pink Sybilbright pinksemi-hanging70 cm20 cm
Shocking pinkstrong pinkgreat colorup to 70 cm20-30 cm
Villetta lilacbeautiful purplestrong growthup to 70 cm20-30 cm
Quirindark purplesemi-hangingup to 70 cm20 cm
Tyrolean firebright redreal Tyrolean hanging geraniums100 - 150 cm20 cm
Alpinawhite with red eyereal Tyrolean hanging geraniums100 - 150 cm20 cm
Positions apink, outlined in whitereal Tyrolean hanging geraniums100 - 150 cm20 cm


Many geraniums - especially the varieties with double and semi-double flowers - are very sensitive to rain and should therefore be protected in rainy summers. Geraniums with simple flowers are often less sensitive in this regard.