Peppers on the balcony - plant them properly and enjoy them spicy

Peppers on the balcony - plant them properly and enjoy them spicy

Location balcony - that's what paprika plants want

Bell peppers need a lot of heat and light. In order to grow on the balcony and fully develop their aroma, they should be placed on a southern wall of the house. This protects against wind and radiates additional heat.

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When is the best time to plant on the balcony?

As soon as the temperatures no longer drop below five degrees, you can plant peppers on the balcony. If there is a risk of frost, bring the plants into the house and overwinter them safely or cover them with cold protection film.

The right planter for balcony peppers

Whether in a pot, bucket or box - peppers take up a lot of space. The perfect planter for balcony peppers shouldn't be too small. Sufficient planting distance between the individual peppers as well as sufficient root depth must be taken into account.

Paprika seeds or young plants?

Why don't you try both. Before you throw away the seeds from a bell pepper, you can pull them directly in the pot yourself. When the first leaves sprout after 2 to 3 weeks, you have saved the money for young plants from the nursery. Or you can plant both the seeds and young plants and gain valuable experience with planting different types of pepper on the balcony.

The peppers need to be moist for them to germinate in the pot. Therefore, immediately after removing it from the pod, press it one centimeter into the moist soil. It takes a few weeks for the young plants to develop. Simply plant purchased paprika plants directly into the planter after watering with the seed compost.

Peppers on the balcony are particularly thirsty

Daily watering is compulsory in summer. Always check the soil in the container for sufficient moisture and make sure that no waterlogging occurs.

Peppers on the balcony - this is how they are cared for

As soon as the plants shoot up a little, stabilize them with a bamboo stick. Do not fertilize too much at once in the planter. Less is more!

Tips & Tricks

When the first fruits shimmer slightly, it's harvest time. Harvesting the first green peppers early will encourage new fruit to grow!