Moss destroyer for the lawn - this is how it works with and without iron

Moss destroyer for the lawn - this is how it works with and without iron

Moss destroyer with iron fertilizer - radical, poisonous and short-lived

Hobby gardeners seeking advice are often recommended to use a combination product with iron fertilizer as a moss destroyer (€ 8.11 at Amazon *) in hardware stores and garden centers. The iron (II) sulfate it contains actually destroys the moss in the lawn without affecting the noble grasses. It should be noted that iron (II) sulphate is highly toxic, harmful to your health and the environment. The application is correspondingly complex:

  • Mow the moss-covered lawn briefly in March / April
  • Put on sturdy protective overalls including breathing protection and gloves
  • Dissolve the moss destroyer in water with iron fertilizer according to the manufacturer's instructions
  • Apply to the lawn with a sprayer
  • Block off the area so that it is clearly visible to prevent children and animals from entering

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After about a week the moss will have died, which can be recognized by the brown discoloration. You can either rake out the moss or remove it completely by scarifying the lawn. In this case, the resulting gaps cannot be closed with reseeding. In addition, the effects will only last if you address the real causes of the moss growth in the lawn.

Moss destroyer for the lawn - it works without iron

To get rid of moss from your lawn, moss killers using toxic iron fertilizers are not the only option. The following list gives you alternative products as well as the respective main active ingredient:

Moss killer without ironMain active ingredientaverage price
Compo organic lawn moss-freePelargonic acid19.80 euros / liter
Natures organic lawn moss-freeacetic acid14.90 euros / liter
Bayer Garten weed-free Turboclean AFCaprylic acid9.90 euros / liter
Compo moss destroyer with long-term effectQuinocalmin11.90 euros / kg

In particular, moss killers based on acetic acid, pelargonic acid or caprylic acid have no toxic effects on humans or animals, as is the case with iron (II) sulfate. After you have applied the agent, the treated lawn can usually be entered by your children again after it has dried. Subsequent reseeding is also possible to close the gaps that have arisen, since these active ingredients do not inhibit germs.


The radical effect of moss killers with iron (II) sulfate in the lawn must not tempt you to use the agent against moss on paved surfaces. The consequences would be unsightly rust stains that usually cannot be removed. To combat moss on balconies, patios and paths, home remedies such as vinegar and soda are both effective and ecologically sound alternatives.