Build a waterfall in the garden yourself - this is how it works

Build a waterfall in the garden yourself - this is how it works

Material and preparatory work

The following materials are needed to build a waterfall by the pond:

  • Pond liner and pond fleece
  • Powerful pond pump with hose and accessories
  • Source stone or gargoyle
  • Topsoil and sand
  • Quarry stones, at least the size of a fist

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Pour the topsoil next to the pond into a hill, at the top of which you create a depression as a starting point for the waterfall. From this mini pond, model a steep, terraced ditch towards the pond. This trench does not have to be as deep as for a stream.

How to build the waterfall - step-by-step instructions

After the earthworks, fill the mini pond and trench with a layer of sand about 5 cm thick. The sand layer evens out unevenness and protects the pond liner from damage. Proceed in these steps:

  • Line the mini pond and trench with pond fleece
  • Lay pond liner up to 20 cm beyond the edges and a little way into the garden pond
  • Guide the pump hose either under the pond liner or around the outside of the hill
  • Connect the hose to the pond pump and source stone and carry out a test run

If the waterfall has proven to be functional after the test run, the decorative design is on the agenda. Layer the rubble stones in such a way that the earth and pond liner are hidden from view. Please brick with offset without cross joints. Optionally, you can build a dry stone wall, the joints of which can be planted using substrate bags. Alternatively, you can give the waterfall wall reliable stability with mortar.