Real and Fake Rose of Jericho: A Guide to Care and "Resurrection"

Real and Fake Rose of Jericho: A Guide to Care and

Real Rose of Jericho is only annual

Anastatica hierochuntica, the real rose of Jericho, is an herbaceous desert plant from the cruciferous family that grows up to a height of ten centimeters. It is only annual, dries up and rolls up its leaves in death. This happens because the plant protects its seeds from the hot desert sun even after they have died. For this reason the so-called “resurrection effect” can be explained, because after a heavy downpour the dead plant unrolls its leaves and releases the seeds at a time when the germination conditions are best. However, this is just a physical process.

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Fake Rose of Jericho can get very old

In contrast to Anastatica hierochuntica, Selaginella lepidophylla does not die, but can - quite the contrary - even get very old. This slightly humid moss fern originates from the deserts of Central and South America and has adapted perfectly to the inhospitable living conditions prevailing there. The plant survives months of drought and turns green again in the rainy season. Both Anastatica hierochuntica and Selaginella lepidophylla can be cultivated in a planter with little effort.

Cultivate the rose of Jericho in a pot

To do this, plant the Rose of Jericho in a container with cactus soil or a self-mixed substrate made of sand, perlite (€ 32.90 at Amazon *) and lava rock. It is important that the potting soil is as dry as possible and low in nutrients. As a desert plant, the Rose of Jericho also needs a full sun, very warm and protected location - the plant feels most comfortable at temperatures between 20 and 26 ° C. You only need to water a little, but fertilization is not necessary at all. The Loggerhead Rose of Jericho is particularly suitable for keeping as a houseplant.


You can achieve the resurrection effect by placing the dried up plant in a bowl of cold water. It will “bloom” within a few hours. However, do not leave it in the water for more than a few days, otherwise it threatens to rot. Then the Rose of Jericho should be carefully dried and stored in a dry and warm place.