Almonds contain small amounts of histamine: Consumption possible with histamine intolerance

Almonds contain small amounts of histamine: Consumption possible with histamine intolerance

Histamine is a natural messenger substance

Every human body needs histamine. It is a natural messenger substance that has a wide range of tasks. Histamine plays an important role in allergies. Additional histamine is absorbed through daily food intake. There are usually processes in the body that break down excess histamine.

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If these don't work properly, histamine intolerance occurs. After consuming certain foods, the body reacts with symptoms that are similar to an allergy.

They often occur in connection with other food intolerances. 80% of those affected are women. Symptoms of the disease can temporarily disappear during pregnancy. However, they usually recur after birth.

The histamine content in the food increases through:

  • Storage time
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Preservation
  • Aroma formation

For this reason, histamine is often found in canned goods, long-aged cheeses, ready-made products or foods containing gluten. Articles with additives or preservatives are particularly affected. Legumes, nuts and various types of fruit also belong to this group.

Almond can be consumed with pleasure

However, experts state that almonds can be consumed even with a diagnosed histamine intolerance. In contrast to various types of nuts, they are classified as having a low histamine content. However, the daily amount should be kept extremely low.

Healthy people are advised to consume around 20g of almonds a day. They have a particularly large number of nutrients. In the case of histamine intolerance, this daily ration should be correspondingly lower.

Tips & Tricks

If histamine intolerance is suspected, the consumption of almonds should be restricted. It is also advisable to limit the amount. The quality of the products plays a special role.