Planting ornamental grasses: tips for beginners

Planting ornamental grasses: tips for beginners

When is the planting time for ornamental grasses?

Ornamental grasses are best planted in early spring. That means between February and March. If you plant them in autumn, you should equip them with winter protection. They need a few months before they are properly rooted and tolerate frost.

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Which location is suitable for ornamental grasses?

Most ornamental grasses grow easily in partial shade. The giant sedge and the Japanese sedge, for example, are shade-tolerant. These species are grateful for full sun locations:

  • Lamp cleaner grass
  • Chinese reed
  • Silver ear grass
  • Pampas grass
  • Riding grass
  • Switchgrass

Next to which other plants do ornamental grasses look good?

Ornamental grasses that are in the perennial bed often appear even more splendid alongside other plants. Suitable planting partners include:

  • Sun bride
  • Autumn cranesbill
  • Large-leaf phlox
  • Indian nettle
  • aster
  • Bluestar bush
  • Purple mustard
  • Autumn chrysanthemum
  • Sunflower
  • Daisy
  • Wasserdost
  • Thistle
  • Daylily
  • dahlia

What should the substrate be like?

Most ornamental grasses need a deep subsoil. The earth should be permeable to well drained, because waterlogging is their enemy of death. Sandy, gravelly or stony soils with a moderate nutrient content are well suited. The soil should be kept slightly moist and not dry out in the long term.

When do ornamental grasses bloom?

Most ornamental grasses bloom in midsummer between July and September. There are some species that rely on a lot of heat. Only then do they feel stimulated to bloom. They do not show their flowers every year, but only when it is really hot in July / August.

How can ornamental grasses propagate?

You can propagate your well-tended ornamental grass either in spring or in autumn, whereby spring is preferable. Most of the ornamental grasses can be easily propagated by dividing them. Sowing is less recommended as it is more time-consuming.


Plant your ornamental grass in a sheltered place so that the stalks do not kink in the wind!

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