How to care for the Japanese spindle bush - the best tips

How to care for the Japanese spindle bush - the best tips

Plant the Japanese spindle bush

The Japanese spindle bush prefers a warm, sunny to partially shaded location and a well-drained humus soil. Although it also thrives in the shade, its pretty leaf color and its abundance of flowers may suffer there.

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Give your spindle bush enough space, the distance to the neighbors should be about half of the expected growth height. In the hedge, plant the bushes a little closer together. Put some well-rotted compost in the planting holes.

Water the Japanese spindle correctly

In the field, the Japanese spindle bush only needs to be watered moderately, but should not dry out. If it is in the bucket, water it regularly. Avoid waterlogging at all costs, otherwise the roots will start to rot and the spindle bush will be susceptible to diseases.

Cut the Japanese spindle bush

The Japanese spindle bush can withstand strong pruning, which makes it suitable for planting a hedge or for planting borders on beds. You can give solitary plants a topiary. Before you dispose of the clippings on the compost, take the opportunity to multiply your shrubs and look for some suitable cuttings.

Propagate the Japanese spindle bush

If you want to sow the Japanese spindle bush, you have to be very patient because it grows relatively slowly. Propagating by cuttings promises somewhat faster success. The best time for this type of propagation is midsummer.

Cut some strong, already lignified shoots about 15-20 cm in length and remove the lower leaves from them. Put these cuttings in nutrient-rich soil or pots with potting soil and water them well.

The essentials in brief:

  • sunny to partially shaded
  • permeable soil
  • moderate, water regularly in the pot
  • Avoid waterlogging
  • slowly growing
  • evergreen


Your own spindle bushes are easiest to pull from cuttings. You can win this during the topiary.