This is how you water your amaryllis perfectly

This is how you water your amaryllis perfectly

Systematically pour knight star - this is how it works

The water requirement of an amaryllis increases proportionally to the budding. If the floral treasure is in full bloom, the water balance levels off at the highest level in order to reduce itself until the beginning of stagnation. We have put together for you here how this requirement specifically affects the maintenance protocol:

  • Water moderately from the beginning of November until the shoot and the beginning of the flowering period
  • Water abundantly and regularly during the flowering period (December / January to February / March) without waterlogging
  • Gradually reduce the watering amount from April to July
  • Stop watering from August

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A knight's star stays in the cool, dark room until November, where it is not poured. Here the flower bulb gathers strength for a new sprout. In connection with repotting in fresh substrate, the water supply starts again at a low level.

Pouring amaryllis from below - how to use capillary power

A knight's star is always planted in such a way that the onion is only partially covered with earth. In order not to unnecessarily wet the onion skins with water, water the plant from below. For this purpose, the coaster is filled with water for 10 to 15 minutes. Thanks to the capillary force, the moisture rises, whereby the exposed part of the bulb remains dry.


The end of the winter flowering period flows seamlessly into the summer growth period of an amaryllis. As a result, the care program continues after flowering by continuing to water a knight star and fertilizing every 2 weeks. So lovingly cared for, with a little luck the subtropical plant can be motivated to bloom in summer.