Can I transplant my tree lily without any problems?

Can I transplant my tree lily without any problems?

When is the best time to transplant my tree lily?

In principle, you can transplant the tree lily in spring or autumn. The difficulty in spring, however, is to find the onion in the ground, as the above-ground parts of the plant die in autumn. If you take the onion out of the ground in autumn, you can put it back in immediately or wait until next spring.

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When does the tree lily bloom?

You should be patient with your tree lily. It becomes quite large and takes about three years for it. Only when it reaches its final size does it show its full bloom. But even without a flower, the tree lily is a pretty ornament on your balcony or terrace.

The tree lily blooms in summer, mainly in July and August. During this time it should not be replanted, which would be technically difficult due to its size.

Can I also plant the tree lily in a tub?

The tree lily can also be cultivated in a bucket if you observe a few things. Make sure to put the onion in a bucket that is large and heavy enough so that it does not tip over when fully grown and receives enough nutrients.

The tub for your tree lily should have a hole in the bottom. Place some old potsherds or larger pebbles over them so that the hole is not clogged by leaking earth. In this way, the excess irrigation water can drain off easily. The care of the tree lily is largely the same as that outdoors.

The essentials in brief:

  • It is best to transplant in spring or autumn
  • do not transplant during flowering
  • ideal: take the onion out of the ground in autumn and use it elsewhere in spring
  • Repot potted plants every 2 to 3 years


If you want your tree lily to bloom in a different place next year, take the bulb out of the ground in autumn. After a cool, dark and dry wintering, it can be planted in another location.

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