Dog chamomile - highly poisonous or hardly poisonous?

Dog chamomile - highly poisonous or hardly poisonous?

Fatal poisoning - very unlikely

The dog chamomile, which has the botanical name Anthemis arvensis, is classified as slightly toxic. It is the sesquiterpene lactone anthecotulide that makes the dog chamomile less attractive for consumption and use as a medicinal product. This substance is particularly evident in sensitive people in:

  • Swelling of the mucous membranes
  • irritated skin
  • allergic reactions such as breathing problems

Characteristics of dog chamomile

Just like the real chamomile, the dog chamomile is a member of the sunflower family. Here are their features by which you can recognize them:

  • up to 45 cm high
  • Flowering period: July to September
  • bipinnate leaves
  • The stem and leaves are short haired
  • white-yellow, radial flowers
  • Flowers 3 cm in diameter


Dog chamomile hardly smells, while real chamomile has a typically strong chamomile odor.