Tomatoes do not ripen - what to do

Tomatoes do not ripen - what to do

This is how you motivate unwilling tomatoes to ripen in the bed

For a wide variety of reasons, tomatoes take an unexpectedly long time to ripen in beds or greenhouses. It may be due to low temperatures or insufficient leaf mass on the plants. With the following tricks you can effectively help the maturation process:

  • place a wooden board next to the tomato plant and fold it over on it
  • the fruit must not come into contact with the ground
  • Put a cold box over it and cover with garden fleece
  • Depending on the weather, the fruits ripen within 1-3 weeks
  • the ripening room is aired once a day

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Alternatively, spread the innovative, dark red ripening film under the tomato plants. The reflected light waves encourage the fruit to turn red as well. In the greenhouse, hang several fully ripe apples or bananas in the unwilling plants. The escaping ethylene gas accelerates the ripening process.

Uncomplicated maturation in-house

If the temperatures drop permanently below 10 degrees Celsius, this does not mean that you have to do without the enjoyment of fully ripe, juicy tomatoes. In this case, pull the plant completely out of the ground and carry it into the house. Hanged upside down on the clothesline in the warm basement, the tomatoes ripen at 25 degrees Celsius and the highest possible humidity.

Individual green fruits are harvested together with the stem. Wrapped in black foil or newspaper, the tomatoes spend the next 14 days in a warm room. The envelope is ventilated once a day to prevent mold and rot. The process is even clearer if the fruits are spread out on several layers of newspaper. Put another thick layer of newspaper over it and bend the edges so that the ethylene gas cannot escape.

Tips & Tricks

If your appetite for freshly harvested tomatoes is still great, don't go for green fruits. The solanine content in unripe tomatoes is always at a level that is harmful to health. Even tomatoes with a few green spots are unsuitable for consumption. The only exceptions are green tomato varieties.